Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 8 of our Gift Giving Ideas - Book Shelves

We have gotten a little creative with our shadowboxes this holiday season! Why not create a book shelf or spice rack for a kitchen or a study. We won't say no to anything, we would love to get creative this season with any of your most difficult people you are looking to give gifts to. d

Day 7 of our Gift Giving Ideas - Magnetic Board

Magnetic Boards can be such a fun gift to give during the Holidays! For the teenager, child, crafter or organizer in your life. We can help you to create a beautiful piece for a kitchen to a child's room. With a little bit of fabric we can turn a plain magnetic board into a work of art for your walls. From organizing spices in a kitchen to keeping a child's schedule organized, a magnetic board is a fun gift to give. Come in to Peak today to see what we can create for that special someone in your life!

Day 6 of our Gift Giving Ideas - Chalk Boards

I love these chalk board ideas! Chalk boards can be used in a kitchen, child's room, at a party or in a craft room. This is such an easy and fun project to add a little creativity to your life!

Day 5 of our Gift Giving Ideas - Jewelery Holder

This is such a fun way to organize your loved ones jewelry. We have some great ways to hang everything from necklaces to makeup in a frame of size of photograph or the size of your wall! This is a great gift for any girl or woman in your life. Help her get organized in a fun way!

Day 4 of our Gift Giving Ideas - Maps

Today is the day of giving maps! From a map of the world to a map of a city, they can be a great addition to a child's room or a study. In the past we have created framed maps that help to share a families adventure to another continent, pinning the towns they visited to framing blue prints to a families first home together. Not only do we frame maps but we can order them for you too!

You can frame a few maps of the cities you have lived in.

Day 3 of our Gift Giving Ideas - Shadowboxes

Preserving small keepsakes can be such a personal and emotional gift. This can be a great gift for Mom during the Holidays. There is not a better way to cherish a small child in your life than by collecting a few items to display in a shadowbox. From the babies first hand and foot prints with the child's day of birth to the shoes they took their first steps in. Each shadowbox can tell a story and help you and your loved ones to relive some of the best moments in your lives.

Day 2 of our Gift Giving Ideas - Wall Collages

Wall Collages are such a great gift giving idea. You can take old family photos to create a lifetime of memories for your wall. This is such a great conversation starter when someone comes into your home. Having a wall collage of your favorite photographs or art work bring your family history or stories to life. They share a little bit of you in every piece. The great thing about a wall collage is you can mix different frames together or mix the pieces with art and photographs.

To get started just figure out how you want to lay the pieces on your wall with paper and tape.

Day 1 of our Gift Giving Ideas - Custom Mirrors

There is something so elegant about a framed mirror in a living room or bedroom, but have you thought of finishing the mirrors in your bathroom? We we have some great solutions for you! Not only can we frame the mirrors in your bathroom but we can deliver and hang them too! Peak Art & Frame can take an existing mirror you already have and finish it be adding a beautiful custom frame that fit your style and needs perfectly but we can also order the mirror for you. We want to make this process as easy as possible, so we have created a fast and easy one stop shopping experience for all of your custom framing needs!

12 Days of Gift Giving Ideas

With the Holidays just around the corner, we thought we would make it easier for you to come up with some great gifts for those you love, maybe even yourself! There is no better way to personalize a gift than to give a custom framed gift. We have come up with 12 days of gift giving ideas that we will share with you throughout the beginning of December. To make the gift giving even sweeter we are lightening the load on you by offering a discount on those ideas we give you. And to make it even better, every $200 spent with us you will get a $25 gift card for your next custom framing purchase.

Join us for the next 12 days while we share some great ideas that you just won't come up with
on your own! Open 7 days a week with a 7 day turnaround. Also, did you know that we
now have a new photography studio right in our store.
We can now capture your family memories and frame them to, all in one place.