Friday, April 2, 2010

Canvas Paintings

Oil paintings are a wonderful addition to any home. Peak has so many options for Canvas Paintings including floater frames, & the ability to stretch your canvas pieces. In the photo below we have a canvas piece stretched on stretcher bars. The gallery stretch allows for you to not need a frame around the piece because the art wraps around the sides. This is a great way to showcase art in a more modern or clean room.

Axis Mundi

Depending on the size of the piece will depend on the size stretcher bars you will need. With thinner stretcher bars you have the ability to put a frame on the artwork dressing the piece up.

Notice the picture below, there are two pieces, one with the gallery wrap and the other has been put in a floater frame. With a floater frame the art sits in a frame but the frame is attached on the back of the art so the sides are visible. With this frame you will need the painting to wrap around the edges of the painting.

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